"I love my time with Ashley! She's upbeat, positive and pushes me where I need it. She helped me lose the baby weight and I'm even leaner and stronger than I was prior to having my daughter! Highly recommend her services to everyone."


"Ashley has provided me with not only accountability and motivation, but emotional support. She is pliable enough to compensate for the changes that arise in a real person's life, but not so much that there is no accountability. Also, her nutritional expertise and guidance has really helped to provide me with an entire comprehensive package of improving my wellness. I am looking forward to continuing this journey to wellness with her guidance and support! I feel much stronger already! I came into this as a person who was previously very large and had lost quite a bit of weight, but had very little fitness experience to speak of, very timid and embarrassed to work out in front of others. Ashley has always made me feel comfortable."


"Ashley is a true asset in helping accomplish my goals. The programs are designed specifically for me and are explained in detail. Ashley is a great motivator, makes the programs fun and cares about the individual. You can trust Ashley with all your fitness goals."



"Ashley’s never ending positive attitude inspired me to reach my fitness goals and go even farther. Thank you, Ashley, for giving me the strength, balance and flexibility I been trying to achieve."