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Steph's Wholesome Salad

Updated: Feb 6

I decided to call this “Steph’s wholesome salad” because it’s just that. My sister, Stephanie made this salad for me about a month ago. She offered to make lunch and I was so incredibly grateful she shared this with me because I’ve been eating it on repeat ever since. If you’re an olive lover this one is for you! This salad is full of protein, healthy fats, fiber and a variety of vitamins! A well-rounded meal perfect for lunch or dinner.

Also- just a side note… whenever I make this salad it always makes me think of the “olive theory” from the show How I Met Your Mother. Any fans out there? What’s ironic is the olive theory does actually work for me and my husband.

I LOVE olives, he hates them.

Perfect match!

I hope you enjoy!

Steph’s wholesome salad


1-2 cups spinach spring mix

1/3 cup your favorite grain (brown rice, quinoa, farro)

2 hard boiled eggs sliced

4-5 cherry tomatoes halved (any tomato will do)

½ an avocado sliced

handful of olives (any will do but I prefer green)


½ lemon juiced

1 tablespoon olive juice (straight from the jar)

1 tablespoon olive oil or avocado oil

pinch salt + pepper


Step 1

One at a time, add each ingredient to a large bowl. Starting with mixed greens and ending with olives.

Step 2

Make dressing by adding lemon juice, olive juice, olive oil and salt + pepper to a small mason jar. Seal the jar tightly and shake until well combined.

Step 3

Drizzle dressing on top of your salad and mix thoroughly with a spoon or fork.

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