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Homemade black bean burgers

Updated: Feb 7

One of my favorite ways to celebrate meatless Mondays!

Don’t get me wrong, I love eating a variety of protein. But for various reasons (like health, helping the planet, YUMMY, nutritional recipes) I like to make one to two meals a week that only involve plant based ingredients. Realistically, our household would have a very hard time going 100% plant based. So, I like to think of this as a compromise. But enough about my families eating habits + preferences. You came here for the recipe!

These black bean burgers are freaking DAAAANNNKKKKK (this one’s for you Dunn). Thick, dense, flavorful. All the “must haves” in a black bean burger. Top with your favorites and enjoy! I love pairing this meal with sweet potato wedges. Super simple and this entire meal, (including sweet potato wedges) is ready in 30 minutes. Enjoy friends!


*If pairing with sweet potato wedges make sure to prep the wedges first so they can bake in the oven while you make your burgers.

Homemade Black Bean Burgers

Serving Size: about 5 burgers

Prep time: 15 minutes

Cook Time: 10 minutes

Total Cook Time: 25 minutes


1 can organic black beans

3-4 baby bella mushrooms finely chopped (you can also throw in a food processor)

3 tablespoons green onion chopped

¾ cup your favorite bread crumbs (gluten free works, so does almond flour)

1 teaspoon cumin

1 teaspoon garlic salt

½ teaspoon paprika (smoked paprika works too!)

½ teaspoon chili powder

1 large egg

salt and pepper to taste

2-3 tablespoons olive oil (to cook burgers)

Optional toppings:

Mixed greens

Romaine lettuce

Red onion



Chipotle mayo (1 teaspoon sriracha mixed with 1 tablespoon of mayo)



Step 1

In a small skillet drizzle a teaspoon of olive oil and turn up the heat to medium/low. Add in black beans, chopped mushrooms and green onions. Continue to cook on medium/low heat for 2-3 minutes. Turn off stove and transfer beans, mushrooms and onions to a large bowl. Using a held hand masher or fork begin mashing beans. Make sure to mash beans so they create a thick paste like texture.

Step 2

Begin adding dry ingredients to your beans/mushrooms/onion, one at a time. Begin with breadcrumbs, then add cumin, garlic salt, paprika and chili powder. Stir thoroughly then add in egg, salt and pepper. Mix until thick and dense.

Step 3

On low heat, heat a large skillet on stove top. Add in 2-3 tablespoons of olive oil. Using a 1/3 measuring cup, scoop out your black bean mixture, pack it within the 1/3 cup and add to the hot skillet to cook. Repeat this step until all of your black bean mixture is used up. (I usually have around 5 black beans burgers total).

Step 4

Cook on each side until dark brown and then flip (about 2 minutes). Serve on a your favorite bun with optional toppings I’ve listed above.

Sweet potato Wedges

Serving Size: 12 potato wedges

Prep time: 3 minutes

Cook Time: 25-28 minutes

Total Cook Time: 30 minutes


1-2 large sweet potatoes, washed and cut into wedges (about 1 inch thick)

1 teaspoon melted coconut oil (olive oil and avocado oil works too)

salt and pepper to taste


chili powder


Step 1

Preheat oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit

Wash, rinse and scrub sweet potato. Cut into 1 inch wedges.

Step 2

Add sweet potato wedges to a large bowl and drizzle coconut oil over top. Toss the wedges around to make sure each one is evenly coated. Sprinkle with salt and pepper.

Step 3

Place each sweet potato wedge on a roasting pan face up. Optional: lightly sprinkle chili powder and paprika over each wedge. Place in oven to roast for 25-28 minutes tops. Remove from oven, let cool for 3 minutes and enjoy.

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