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Trusting You, Trusting Your Body

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

Trusting you, trusting your body.

How many times have you started a diet that lasted one day?

How many moments did you find yourself reading how horrible brown rice is for you, however in another article it raves about the benefits brown rice offers compared to white?

What about dairy? Chicken? Fish? Potatoes? All of these wonderful options you can find at the top of a dietary theory or at the bottom suggesting they’re next to poison for the human body.

I am here to tell you the world is full of rich, factual information and that is both a blessing and a curse to humanity. To find out what works for you and your body follow along with my steps and together we will discover the ingredients that fuel your body with success.

In the past year, every single client I have worked with has come forward with the fear of eating the wrong foods. They tell me whenever they Google an ingredient they find an overload of information that state both the pro’s and the cons of each food resulting in confusion and frustration.

They tell me they feel overwhelmed and helpless because of the amount of information the world has to offer. Even though this information is appreciated, it also causes stress. Within this scenario, I have found the easiest way to overcome these feelings of anxiety and helplessness is to go back to your roots and listen to your body, listen to your gut.

No one diet is functional for every human being. We are all different. People have their own interests, career, biology, and environment. Therefore, the reoccurring idea that we can all function on the same diet is impractical.

My three steps to finding what works best for you, as an individual are the following:

  1. Start a food journal.

This does not mean logging everything you eat and obsessing about calories. This simply means being mindful of what you eat. Get curious! Read food labels, pay attention to the way your stomach feels after eating a meal. Take simple mindful notes and you will start to realize what works best with your body and your mind.

  1. Start with a simple elimination diet.

This means you eliminate one food group for two weeks and examine how it makes you feel. For example, I tried eliminating dairy from my diet. I have studied numerous dietary theories that suggest dairy is harmful to the human body, and to many people it is. However, dairy does not negatively affect my body at all. Therefore, I choose to eat dairy on a regular basis and my body feels great! You are the only person on this entire earth who can experience your physical feelings. Stay in tune with them. Realize how you feel after eating a meal. There are studies that suggest food can alter the way we think and the way we feel so keep that in mind.

With an elimination diet people usually start with eliminating one of the following:





-meat (beef, chicken, pork)

Try not to eat one of these options for two weeks and see how it affects your mind and body. If you do not notice a difference at all then great! If you notice you are feeling week or tired, then incorporate it back into your diet. Whatever the outcome may be, realize there is no right or wrong. The important part of this lesson is to become familiar with the food that’s right for your individual needs.

  1. Be Patient

The most challenging part of figuring out what diet works best for you is taking the time to do so. Be patient with yourself and realize its okay to change your diet. You do not have to label yourself as vegan, vegetarian or carnivore. You just have to trust what your body gives back to you after fueling it with whatever you choose.

Remember your body is the most magnificent instrument you’ll ever have the pleasure of using, so treat it well for it carries your magical soul across this earth.

I want you to take 5 minutes to tune into your body and clear your mind. Take a seat with your feet flat on the floor and your spine straight, so you are sitting tall in a comfortable position.

Now, with your eyes closed and your mind focused on only this very moment, flip your palms upward to receive the positive energy you are about to experience.

I want you to invite any warm, happy feelings that make you smile or comfort you. Now take a deep breathe in for 5 seconds, and breathe out of your nose for 5 seconds. Repeat these deep breathes 5 times over.

When you finish your fifth breath, I want you to say these words,

I trust myself

I trust in the energy I bring forth

I trust my body is doing everything it can to carry my soul

I trust myself

I trust my body

I love myself

I love my body

Now open your eyes and keep whatever you are experiencing close to your heart.

These are the feelings you should experience after eating a wholesome meal. By taking care of your body the way you intuitively are capable of, you will flourish. Your body will feel satisfied, your body will feel gratitude, and your body will feel comfortable.


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